Is it spring yet?


Heya friends 🙂

As we all visit blogs for educational reasons onlyyyy, let me teach you something:
apricity (noun) – the warmth of the sun in winter.

Yes, there is a word for it from 1600-something, but it never got famous though explaining such a glorious thing. Today Leipzig was wrapped in apricity. Absolutely clear, cloudless sky with the sun shining on the snow covered streets and parks, trees and roofs! Lotti and I went for a walk-run (I was speedwalking and she was running haha) to a park around the corner. Soooooooo pretty! When walking down the paths I felt like in an 18th-century movie, where some prince would take a walk with that beautiful lady, already thinking about marriage after 1 day or so XD Too many historical movies? Nah. 😀

So this was pretty cool and refreshing, the rest of the day was dedicated to my laptop compiling a booklet about scientific writing (yay). But now it’s time for cooking and The Tudors is only up on Netflix till Saturday (wy? wy? why?) and I’ve still got some episodes to watch! ave a beautiful night xxx

Sunset today, kinda looks like…

the marveillous sunset back in Gaia/Porto! Aw, so sweet 🙂

(In favor of a special woman – a shoutout to Olaf 😉 ) ❤

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