Break the habit

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When I am completely calm my soul speaks to me.

There is a small line between being in the flow of doing what you love with a free spirit and  sliding into a non-inspiring habit. The key is consciousness. Everything we do consciously will always be exciting, adventurous and new. All is unique. Habits can mock boredom. But  this is your life, queen and king. This is not boring but pure bliss! Remember what you love doing – and start. Break the habit. Do it with the excitement you had when you first started. Your love is waiting for you ❤

Can you believe this??

Hey beautiful souls,

today at 7:23 am I woke up naturally. This blew my mind, because I intended to do so – because I knew the full moon today reaches it’s peak at 7:23!! And I just woke up, looked at my phone and saw these numbers… Crazy innit?!?! Additionally I did a quick grounding meditation , where I just lead energy from my root chakra up to my crown chakra, and it was so intense!! The further I went up towards the head the more I felt the energy filling parts of my body! At some point it was so strong that I thought I’d breathe through some other organs but not my mouth/nose/lungs! It felt very heavy and I would have freaked out in the past, however, nowadays I can kinda enjoy it 🙂

So you guys, the next few days could be very energetic, negative emotions such as fear or grief may come up – attention, this happens FOR YOU, not against you! They want to be released and acknowledged- just accept everything and let it go, emotions come and go as weather does 🙂 it’s time to let go and move on without the baggage! Have a beautiful day, love and light to all of us 🙂 xx

New Moon – New Energies


Tonight is the night of the indian and nepalese festival “Shivaratri” which is celebrated in reverence of the God Shiva. It takes place with the new moon arising this night! Shiva is a male good in hinduism and is known as “the destroyer” and “the transformer”. He destroys the universe at the end of a cycle (every 2,160,000,000 years) in order to make room for new creation. At the moment we are in the Kali Yuga year, which is the fourth part of the present cycle. Interestingly Shivas wife is called Kali and Hindus celebrate their wedding on Shivaratri. Bear with me if that is too superficial, I do not know a lot about Hindu gods and goddesses  (yet) 🙂

Anyway, it is told that the Shiva energy can remove old burdens and negative energies from those who let it happen. This is why I decided to dedicate this day and night to the god Shiva and be part of the most powerful night and the Hindu celebration of Sivaratri. This means I fast the whole day&night, stay awake, meditate and concentrate on the flow of energy. I definitely feel that I have a lot of burdens that I want to get rid of and today was a bit challenging for me emotionally. But what shows up can be removed so yeah I’m grateful 🙂

Certainly, as it doesn’t result out of a religious tradition for me, it’s kinda new and difficult. Also I did water-fasting before but for general cleansing reasons, this time it’s harder and yes, I am hungry by now but it’s still alright (22,5 h no eating). But I know this is a normal pysical reaction, wich isn’t bad or anything, a body can do without food for much longer than a day 🙂 Still, excited for breakfast haha!