Salut babes!

Today I handed in my second (out of three) exam task/work/paper, whatever you wanna call it.The third is due tomorrow and so I sit here, filling pages and pages with basic rules for scientific work (aka bachelor thesis etc). But it’s kinda nice because I know exactly what I’ve got to and as soon as I finish it, I’m done (wisdom-quote of the day).

The pictures above are from yesterday night when I finished my second task and from today’s afternoon, with the sun sneaking in and bathing my cozy bed in nostalgic summer light. I am so so so so so excited for spring!!! 18 degrees and I’ll ask for nothing more! I mean … I went for a swim in the ocean at 18 degrees in February last year 😛  !  Alright, gotta finish that thinggg and make dinner soon! I think I go for some potato-broccoli-stir fry-thing 😀 HUGS! ❤